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  • Superintendent Search Survey Results

    The Florence School District One Board of Education posted an on-line survey to seek public input about characteristics and experiences desired in a superintendent. The survey was posted on the district website from Feb. 19 until March 6, 2018. The survey was completed by 549 people. 

    The Superintendent Search Results are summarized here

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  • A Walk with Monsters, Downtown Florence

    Education News
    Florence School District One
    319 South Dargan Street
    Florence, SC   29506                                                          

    Contact:  plittlemcdaniel@fsd1.org

    For Release:  April 19, 2018

    Art students at Florence One’s three high schools, along with kindergarten students at Lucy T. Davis Elementary, will have their works exhibited in at least eight locations in downtown Florence on Friday, April 20th.  The public is invited to view these exhibits.  This is the fourth year that the elementary and high school artists have come together for an art exhibit. This year’s exhibit is the Monster Walk Art Show.

    At the beginning of the school year, the kindergarten students read the books, Where the Wild Things Are and Monsters Love Colors. The young artist then created drawings of monsters.  The teacher also asked the students what they believed their monsters loved. The art teacher recorded their answers on the back of the drawings and sent the drawings to art students at West Florence, South Florence, and Wilson High schools.

    The high school art students chose a kindergarten monster as inspiration to recreate, using different mediums and some including what the monsters "loved" as a part of their final recreation.

    Art teacher Amber Harrar worked with the students at Lucy T. Davis Elementary.  Carolina Doughty, South Florence; Colleen Kennedy, West Florence; Harriett McMillan and Murriel Calcutt, Wilson, worked with the high school students.  

    This year, citizens will be able to see these final recreations as they “Monster Walk” to the different locations in Downtown Florence:

    T. Thomas Arts (167 N. Dargan); Edible Arrangements (130 N. Dargan); L.Mae/Wild Mabel Boutique (111-B. West Evans); Mainstream Boutique (138 W. Evans); Smart Phone Repair (190 W. Evans ); Soule Café (130 S. Irby); Hotel Florence (126 W. Evans);and Mosaic (178 W. Evans).

    For more information, contact Amber Harrar at aharrar@fsd1.org.

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  • Florence One to Employ Use of Metal Detectors at All High School Locations

    Education News
    Florence School District One
    319 South Dargan Street
    Florence, SC   29506

    Contact: plittlemcdaniel@fsd1.org

    For Release:  April 18, 2018

    In an effort to increase safety at all high school locations in Florence School District One, metal detectors are being installed, and all persons will be screened using these detectors when they enter the school building. The screening process will be effective beginning in May.

    “We are so grateful to the Florence One Board of Trustees for moving expeditiously in support of school safety and for unanimously deciding to allocate funds to increase safety measures in our schools,” said Florence One Interim Superintendent Dr. Dan Strickland.  

    Last month, the Florence One Board of Trustees approved the funding of a comprehensive safety package that includes surveillance (camera) digital system replacement for all schools at a cost of $1.3 million.   In the plan is the immediate cost of code blue and front door access at all three high schools: (South Florence, $107,416; West Florence, $106,462; and Wilson, $98,091.) The Florence Career Center and the Alfred Rush Academy will also be equipped with these safety features.

    The metal detectors will be used in at least three locations on the high school campuses.  Using a Frequently Asked Questions Guide (F.A.Q.), each high school principal is providing information for parents that will address questions or concerns that parents may have regarding how the detectors will be used. This guide will be found on high school websites as well as the Florence School District One website beginning Monday, April 23. 

    Strickland noted that while funding has been allocated for metal detectors and camera upgrades, these strategies remain only a part of the total plan to ensure school safety. “Although these additional safety measures will be in place,” said Strickland, “we must continue to rely on everyone to immediately report to local authorities when there is even the slightest suspicion or fear that something out of the ordinary may happen. If you see something, say something. This is not just a cliche’, but it is a fact that could help save lives,” he added.

    School officials have echoed Strickland’s sentiments and maintain that parent and student reporting are among the strongest ways to ensure school safety. South Florence High School Principal Carol Hill said, “Families communicating what they know and voicing concerns that they have often help the school to respond quickly and proactively to keep students and staff safe.  When you know something or have a concern, please tell us,” she remarked.

    Hill and the other high school principals in Florence One will notify parents via Florence One’s telecommunication system regarding the specific dates and times of their parent informational meetings on this topic. Parents may also go to each high school website or to the Florence School District One website for more information regarding the use school metal detectors:  www.fsd1.org.

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  • Teachers Welcome English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) to the Cultural and Language Family Night

    Education News
    Florence School District One
    319 South Dargan Street
    Florence, SC   29506                                                            
    Contact:  plittlemcdan iel@fsd1.org 
    For Release: April 10, 2018

    The Florence One’s ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) program will host an English Learner Family Night: A Celebration of Culture and Language to celebrate diversity and to promote bilingual literacy. 

    The ESOL teachers will welcome the parents and students they teach to an ESOL Cultural and Language Family Night, on Thursday, April 19 at 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.  The ESOL Cultural and Language Family Night will be held at the Poynor Building, 301 South Dargan Street, and Room 2A.

    The event will include cultural presentations, international foods, prizes, music, bilingual presentations and opportunities to meet teachers and families throughout the district.  

    All local media are invited to attend.  For more information, call Lorna McBride, Director of Elementary Education at 843.678.4192.  

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