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SC Extreme Weather

The South Carolina General Assembly has amended S.C. Code of Laws ยง59-1-425 (HB 3890) as it relates to school closings due to snow, extreme weather conditions, or other disruptions.

All districts must set aside three days in the annual academic calendar to be used as make-up days. The first three days missed due to snow, extreme weather, or other disruptions, must be made up.

If more than three days are missed, the local school board of trustees, by a majority vote, may waive no more than three days. However, the local school board of trustees may prefer to make-up missed days and can do so by lengthening the school day by no less than one hour or by operating on a Saturday. Any plan to lengthen the school day must be approved by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) before its implementation. Remember, the school/district must lengthen the day more than one hour to be approved. Saturday school operations must accommodate or alternatively reschedule normal Saturday tutorial instruction. A waiver of makeup days will be extended to all district charter schools and all district-approved home school associations.

See entire State of South Carolina Department of Education Memorandum for details.

See School Closings/Weather Days Frequently Asked Questions



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