• Fe. 19 to Feb. 23

    Please review any information sent home. Sign and return any required forms needed.  Read 30 minutes per day and log home reading in the reading folder.  Please have the agenda and reading log signed daily. This is considered homework.  (INTERIMS ARE GOING HOME TUESDAY WITH AN AR REPORT)

    Students will get the third newspaper for our WWII unit. Review the SS Newspaper. We will take the quiz  on Friday.   Students are allowed to use their newspapers.  They may not borrow a newspaper or share with a neighbor.  Students will be expected to provide evidence for their answers in their own words.  Study the  study guide provided.  There are reading selections from the textbook and cold reads as well. Students need to be reviewing each section we review in class daily. 

    We will get new vocabulary this week for our new novel.  Look for these words near the end of the week. We will not test until the end of chapter 2 due to the length of the chapters.