Please review any information sent home. Sign and return any required forms needed.  Read 30 minutes per day and log home reading in the reading folder.  Please have the agenda and reading log signed daily. This is considered homework.  

    Students will receive a newspaper Monday. Most of our lessons this week will stem from the newspaper so it is important they have the newspaper every day.

    We have the newspaper quiz on Friday. Students are allowed to use their newspapers for this quiz.  They may not borrow a newspaper or share with a neighbor.  Students will be expected to provide evidence for their answers in their own words.   We are trying to encourage the students to be able to explain and write about topics in their own words.  Parents please ask your child to explain a specific topic they focused on in class (any class).  Details are important.  They do not need to use "things" and "stuff" as details.  They need to be specific.