Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching

    The ADEPT Program provides a set of flexible guidelines and strategies to be used by districts in designing and implementing Induction Programs to provide novice teachers with comprehensive guidance and support during their first year in the profession. The strategies promote collaborative partnerships with teacher education programs and encourage innovative and creative program designs. Other elements of the ADEPT Program include repsonsibilities of administrators and mentor teachers, performance standards required by the SDE, Summative ADEPT Formal Evaluation of Classroom-Based Teachers (SAFE-T), and Goals-Based Evaluation (GBE) for continuing contract teachers.

    ADEPT is South Carolina's version of what all S.C. teachers should know and be able to do. Research suggest that teaching is becoming an increasingly demanding profession and that successful paractice requires mastery of complex bodies of knowledge and skill. Futhermore, research suggest that there is no one recipe for effective teaching, and that attempts to define and assess teaching in terms of a set of discrete behaviors and skills vastly over-simplifies teachers' responsibilities. Rather, effective teaching requires a large repertoire of knowledge and skills that can be drawn upon, as needed, to handle every-changing contexts.


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