• South Florence High School



    Association of Parents, Teachers and Students

    President: Candy Rast (SFHSapts@gmail.com)

    Vice President: Shannon Green

    Treasurer: Lynn Wilson

    Secretary: Sheila Leonard

    Hospitality: Open

    Teacher Representative: Bev McBride

    Volunteer Representative: open

    Membership Representative: Tajuana Moore

    Scholarship Committee: open

    School Representative: open

    Barbeque Chair: Laura Taylor

    Mission Statement: The mission of the SFHS APTS is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide additional resources for the school, staff, and students, with the goal of improving the school learning environment and helping students reach their fullest potential.


  • APTS helps to fund the following:

    · Teacher Grants

    · Student Recognitions

    · Teacher Appreciation meals

    · Building and equipment projects

    · Scholarships for South Florence Seniors