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Dress Code

Timrod Elementary School

The following guidelines concerning student dress apply at all Florence District One elementary schools.


1.    Shoes that have laces must be tied at all times.  Appropriate shoes should be worn for p.e.  No flip-flops are allowed at school.


2.   Garments must be at least mid-thigh in length.  Students may not wear tank tops or halter tops.  Tops must be long enough to cover midsection, even when arms are raised.


3.   Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn with the waist of the garment around the waist of the student (not below the waist.)  Sagging pants are not allowed.


4.   Clothing with obscene or suggestive sayings or pictures is not permitted.


5.   Hats, hoods, and other hat-like clothing should be removed inside the building.


 Parents of students whose dress, in the opinion of the administration, is deemed inappropriate or distracting will be notified.  Parents will be asked to either bring a change of clothing or pick up the child.