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PowerSchool Resources


Attendance Procedures - 1st Day of School


Elementary Schools - Exporting "Daily" Attendance Totals


Opening of School

2015-16 PowerSchool Information
Attendance Procedures - 1st Day of School
Students Without Schedules

Setting Up Parent Access to PowerSchool

Data Entry

Entering Home Address Information
Guidelines for Entering Student Data
Guidelines for Entering Teacher Data
Federal Race-Ethnicity Guidelines


Photographer Export


Discipline - Incident Management

Instructions for Entering/Editing Discipline
Behavior Codes
View/Print Student Incidents
Incident Management Query-Filtering for Participant Roles
SDE Incident Mgt Manual


Precode 2016-17
Exporting Precode Fields


EFA-EIA Information
Homebound-Homebased Definitions



 Quick Reference Sheets

Parent Single Sign-On
How to Log in, Search for Students
PowerSchool Basics
School, Staff & Student Mgt
Custom Reports
Using HTML Tags
Class Rosters
During Year Scheduling (Elem)
During Year Scheduling (Middle-High)

Emergency Class Schedules

Printing Emergency Class Schedules



Class Roster Report
Customized Reports
List Students Report to Include Student's Age
Additional Reports
Report Queue Enhancement
Gradebook vs. Stored Grades

End of Year


Elementary End of Year Information  2015-16

Middle School End of Year Information 2015-16

High School End of Year Information 2015-16
Transferring/Withdrawing Students Prior to EOY Process


SCDE Data Collection / Reporting

QDC1/45-day Data 2016
Precode 2016-17
SC Reporting –Early Childhood 8-16-2010 

After End-of-Year is Done

2015-16 PowerSchool Information



2015-16 Master Schedule (Elementary)
Dependent Sections (Elementary)
Students Without Schedules



Searching for Student Prior to Enrolling
Enroll a student into PowerSchool
Enrolling New Students for 2015-16 (Elementary)
Enrolling New Students for 2016-17 (Middle/High)
Transferring/Withdrawing Students Prior to EOY Process



New Staff/Faculty Members





Prior Year GPA/ClassRank 


Graduated Students Transcripts
Prior Year GPA/ClassRank
Early Graduates 


Entering Summer School Grades
Editing F1 Blank Grades

Graduation Progress







Enrollment Process

How do I enroll a new student in PowerSchool?
How do I transfer a student from one school to another in my district BEFORE the new year begins?



PowerSchool Searches


(Copy/paste search statements below into PowerSchool search window.)

    Students who DO NOT have any classes assigned:




Students who are currently enrolled in a specified number of classes:

 *Number_of_Classes #6

Students who are NOT enrolled  in a specified period:


Students who are currently enrolled in a specified course:


(XXXXXXXX=Course Number)

Students who are NOT currently enrolled in a specified course:


Students who have at least one historical grade entry for a specified course:


Students who DO NOT have any historical grade entries for a specified course:


Students with the specified number of credit hours:


Students who have a “blank” in a data field:

(This search will produce a list of active students who
DO NOT have an entry in the “Gender” field.)

(Enter a  “forward slash”  before the field name to include inactive AND active students in the search.)

Students whose birthday is today:

Students with birthday on a certain date:
*Birthday = 5/3

Students whose birthdays fall within specific range:
*Birthday>=5/1; *Birthday<=5/31


  Active students whose lunch status is coded  “Full Pay:”


Active students whose lunch status is coded “Free:” 


Active students whose lunch status is coded “Reduced:” 


Active students whose lunch status is “blank:”


Active students who lunch status is NOT equal to “blank:” 


Students with Medical Alert


Students with Guardian Alert


Students with Discipline Alert


Students with Other Alert



Students who are inactive in your database
for the 2010-11 school year:


Students who were active on a particular day:


 (This search will find every student who was active at your school on 2/1/2011 even if the student transferred to another school within the district.)


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