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  Florence One Safe Schools 

The district believes in a safe, violence free environment where students are free to learn. To that end the district has made efforts to make schools safer through the areas listed below, and will continue to work with local agencies, staff, and outside resources to make our schools safer.   

  • Safe and Drug Free Schools

  • Violence Prevention

  • Bullying Prevention

  • School Emergencies

  • School Resource Officer Program

  • School Emergency & Parent/Guardian


Safe and Drug Free Schools

Schools that are safe, free of violence, weapons, and drugs are where students can be free to learn, and is a primary goal of Florence School District One. The Safe and Drug Free Schools Grant assists the district in the areas of:

  • Violence prevention

  • Bullying prevention

  • Tobacco prevention

  • Alcohol prevention

  • Drug prevention

  • Parenting program

  • School Resource Officer

Various scientifically based curriculums are used to provide knowledge to students about the hazards of alcohol, drugs, violence, bullying, and tobacco. These are taught through health education in Florence One schools. A parenting program is also offered. The district uses it’s resources: guidance counselors, teacher taught curriculums, mental health counselors, school resource officers, and anti-drug/violence clubs at each school to promote a safe, drug free environment for the students.

The district receives teacher training and expertise from the local alcohol and drug commission, Circle Park. It also receives instruction for teachers from other local agencies, hospitals and medical professionals concerning these topics.


Violence Prevention

The district advocates “violence free” schools and works with its resources to make this a primary goal. The violence prevention curriculums used are:

Second Step – a pro-social curriculum that addresses topics like anger management, anger triggers, empathy, stereotyping, and generalizations. It is used in grades K-8.

Steps to Respect – an anti-violence curriculum also used for bullying prevention.

Bullying Prevention Presentation Kit – used for bullying prevention in elementary school.

Violence Prevention – is addressed through state health standards and objectives. It is in the district’s curriculum aligned document.

The district also has resources like guidance counselors, mental health counselors, school resource officers, health education curriculums, and the discipline code to address violence on campus.


Bullying Prevention

Florence One realizes that bullying can be a precursor to violence and advocates a non-bullying school environment. To address this issue the district is implementing a bullying curriculum and providing professional training for its staff.

Bullying Curriculum: This is a series of lessons taught from grades K- 12 to address bullying behavior. This curriculum includes lessons K-3 from Channing Bete’s bullying program, Steps to Respect bullying program taught in grades 4-6, Steps to Respect bullying program taught in grades 7 and 8, district curriculum high school. 

Staff In-service – The district has also provided training for staff during the year from Dr. Sue Limber of Clemson University and Dr. Vicki Flerx from USC. Dr. Limber is an expert in bullying prevention and has addressed national audiences on the subject. She has worked with principals, guidance counselors, mental health counselors, and teachers.

Guidance Counselors & Mental Health Counselors – These professionals have been trained to work with students concerning bullying, anger management, and violence.


Bullying Letter from the superintendent: 

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

              Children learn best when they feel safe, respected, and cared for.  In our continuing effort to create a safe and positive learning environment, Florence District One has made a commitment to a standard of respect for all students.  Our staff believes that everyone should enjoy school equally, and feel safe, secure, and accepted regardless of color, race, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion, or nationality.

          The Florence School District One Board has developed a policy regarding bullying.  According to this policy, "bullying is defined as a gesture, electronic communication, or a written, verbal, physical or sexual act reasonably perceived to have the effect of harming a student physically or emotionally or insulting a student or group of students causing substantial disruption in the operation of the school." In other words, bullying is repeated behavior that is meant to hurt someone physically, emotionally, or socially. It is also unfair and one-sided, intentional, and there is an imbalance of power.  Some examples of bullying include: exclusion of others, physically hurting someone, teasing, name calling, spreading rumors, making threats to others, taking things from others, sending mean notes, emails,  phone calls, or getting someone else to do these bullying behaviors for or with you. 

 The board expects students to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous, dignified and respectful manner.  Bullying is not acceptable behavior in any school or at any school related events.


          Our District has developed an anti-bullying policy and specific procedures for responding to bullying reports.  Each school will be participating in this program. Students will be discussing bullying and how to deal with bullying at school. Parent involvement is an important part of creating and maintaining a safe and positive school environment.  Please talk to your student about bullying. 



Randy L. Bridges, Ed.D.

Florence School Distsrict One



School Emergencies

The district has devoted a great deal of time and effort to address emergencies that could arise in our community. We consider the safety of students and staff a priority and have developed emergency procedures and provided training for our staff. To address school emergencies the district has the following:

School Emergency Procedures Manual – The district, along with local agencies like fire, police, and emergency preparedness, have developed a School Emergency Procedures Manual that addresses a myriad of emergency situations. The staff at the schools is given in-services and drills on emergency situations and a review of the School Emergency Procedures Manual. Each school has a SERT (School Emergency Response Team) that looks at their school in light of possible emergency situations that could occur.

District In-Service – The district has conducted in-services and workshops with local emergency responders like a shelter in place exercise for administrators, Incident Command training by the Florence Fire Department, Armed Intruder training by the Florence County Sheriff’s Department, and Evacuation Site Procedures by Florence County emergency Preparedness. These in-services allow schools and emergency responders to interact and practice working together in emergency situations. The South Carolina State Guard has trained personnel who are also assisting our schools with safety plans.

Emergency Responders – The community is fortunate to have dedicated emergency personnel who work closely with the school district to help in developing emergency plans, procedures, and assist in training and workshops. These emergency responders (Fire, police, emergency preparedness, Red Cross, etc) provide guidance and expertise to the district on issues like weather safety, domestic terrorism, and protection against chemical agents.


School Resource Officer Program

The district has a school resource officer in all middle schools, high schools, alternative school, and one elementary school. The officers come from both the Florence police department and the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. They are trained as school resource officers and continue their training throughout the year by attending in-services and workshops put on by the state.

The officers have dual roles. They serve as typical law enforcement officers, handling offenses like theft, assaults, etc. but also participate in school activities (i.e. clubs, school athletic teams, and community programs). They work in concert with the school principal to promote a safe school environment for students and staff.


School Emergency Letter to Parents


Dear Parent/Guardian;


          Should an emergency or disaster situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, we want you to be aware that the schools have made preparations to respond effectively to such situations.  In fact, public schools in South Carolina are built to stringent standards and may be safer than your own home in the event of a disaster.

          Your cooperation is necessary in an emergency.  If an emergency arises radio stations will be notified and you can obtain information from them.  You can also call the district office and obtain information from them.  We ask you not to call individual schools as it could tie up phone lines needed for emergency communication.  Please impress upon your children the need to follow the directions of school personnel in times of emergency.

          The district has a School Emergency Procedures Manual that addresses a wide range of emergency situations that could occur.  These include emergencies like shelter in place, fire, earthquake, bomb threat, tornado, flooding, etc.  If there is a hazardous materials release and shelter in place is necessary, signs will be posted on the school stating “shelter in place” and the school will be sealed to provide protection.

          Florence School District One and the emergency responders in the community have worked together to address emergency situations at schools and ways to safeguard students.  We also urge you to do a safety survey of your home and discuss safety procedures with your children.

          We appreciate your time and effort in dealing with this important matter.



Randy L. Bridges, Ed.D.

Florence School Distsrict One


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