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                          GED Test Checklist

 Poynor GED Testing Center
Room 311, 301 South Dargan Street
Florence, SC 29506
Phone: (843)664-8152 x 44

Office Hours:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday 10:00am- 2:00PM

  • Before mailing, please verify that you have included the application, payment, and all  other required forms. Applications received with missing information or required forms will be returned to the student. Students registering for a test date in Florence should mail application and payment to the name and address listed above.
  • GED Registration From from GED Wizard. The test date and student's signature are required on page 2 of the form.
  • Payment (Money order or cashier's check. DO NOT mail cash.)
  • Conduct Policy signed by the applicant.
  • Withdrawal Form for students under the age of 19.
  • Click Here to Review GED Brochure for Detailed Information

     GED Wizard Instructions


    1    Create Account Information
    Do not leave any fields blank. Everything in Account Information should be completed.
    If you do not have a personal email address, use the following:
    Password:  abc(socialsecurity#)
    You will use this same log-in to check your scores after testing; therefore, it is important to remember this information.

    2    Complete the Demographic Survey
    Questions with the red * must be answered. Others are optional. 

    3     Print your GED Pre-Registration Form

    4    Review information in Section 1: Tester’s Information. If any information is missing, please       write it in. (You should also log back into your account and update those fields.)
    Indicate which test(s) you are registering for in Section 2: Testing Information by checking the appropriate box.
    List your first and second choice for test dates in Section 4:  Testing Times. (Poynor’s test dates can be found at www.poynor.com)
    Applicant must sign Section 5: Tester’s Signature.

    5    Mail application, payment, and other required forms to Poynor GED Testing Center, Attn: Sue Lynch, 301 South Dargan St, Florence, SC 29506.

    GED Candidate Conduct Policy

    Verification of Withdrawal 


     Description of the Five GED Tests

    There are five mulitple choice tests on the examination. Of them, the Writing Skills and Mathematics test have two parts. The tests are scored for correct answers only. No one is expected to answer all questions correctly. The five tests are:

    Both halves equally weighted
    Part I - 25 Questions, 45 Minutes --  with calculator
    Part II - 25 Questions, 45 Minutest --  no calculator
    Number Operations and Number Sense, Measurement and Geometry, Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Algebra Functions, and Patterns
    Language Arts - Writing Part I - 50 Questions, 75 Minutes
    Sentence Structure, Usage, Mechanics, Organization
    Part II - Essay - 45 minutes - 1-4 Point Scoring Guide
    Social Studies 50 Questions, 70 Minutes
    History, Civics and Government, Economics, Geography
    Science 50 Questions, 80 Minutes
    Life Science, Earth and Space Science , Physical Science
    Language Arts: Reading 40 Questions, 65 Minutes
    Literary Texts, Non-Fiction Texts

    Full Tests begin at 8:00 am and last until about 5:00 pm. If you are taking a partial exam, you must follow the times listed above, but you may leave after completing the test(s).

    Each of the five GED tests is timed seperately. Once you begin a test, you may not leave until you have completed the test. You may not return to the testing room until the next test begins.



    The mission of Florence District One is to Educate! Prepare! Inspire!

    Copyright © 2004 Florence School District One
    319 South Dargan Street | Florence, South Carolina  29506-2589
    Phone - (843) 669-4141 | FAX - (843) 673-1108

    Contact FSD1