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Grading Policy
About Academic Enrichment
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Grading Policy 


Grading Policy

Academic Enrichment

Irene Page


1.     A grade will be given for class assignments given.  All assignments are expected to be completed by each student.

2.  A grade will be given for each homework assignment.


 I do not assign homework every day and when I do students have study skills time to complete homework.  Students do have to do something at home once in a while.  If students do not turn in homework on time (unless they have spoken to me  prior  to turn in time) their grade will be a 0.  The student will be given another assignment which will be treated as an additional assignment which will be graded; however, the grade does not replace the 0.  Homework is important.


3.  A test grade will count twice as much as a daily grade - unless students have        

     been told it will count more.

4.  Students will be assigned projects; these projects count three times or more as  

     much as a daily grade (Book reports may be assigned; book reports count three

     times as much as a daily grade.) Students will be told how much each assignment

     will count when the assignment is given.

5.  Extra credit work will/may be provided for students – grades from the extra work  

     will be available to students who want to improve their grade.  Students will be told

     how  much each extra assignment will count if  completed correctly. Extra credit

     woek does not replace work assigned.


Each grade is based on a scale of 100 points.

The Florence District One grading scale is:

          93% - 100%           A

          85% - 92%            B

          77% - 84%            C

          70% - 76%            D

          69% and below       F

Academic Enrichment is a semester course. A mid-term exam will be given that will count 10% of the first quarter grade. A cumulative final exam will be given at the end of the course.  The exam will count 20% of the final grade.   

To exempt Academic Enrichment, a student must meet all of the following criteria.

· a grade of 93 or higher in the subject (average of both quarters)

· no out-of-school suspensions for the semester

Student eligibility will be determined two days prior to the administration of the examination and must be based on the cumulative final grade for the course at that point.  A student, although eligible for exemption, may forfeit his/her exemption status and take the exam.

Grades will be available for parents/guardians to check on their child’s progress at any time by using Power School or by calling the main office at South Florence High School (664-8190) and leaving a message for me to call them.  Student grades are posted within a day or two of the student turning in work; however, grades will be avaiable but sometimes papers are not given back until a review time (papers will be reviewed so grades may change if incorrect grade was given).

Codes used in Power School:  1 - a student is present but did not turn in his/her work

                                            2 - student is present - request more time to finish work before due time

                                            3 - work has been turned in but has been sent to Resource for additional help

                                            4 - work has been turned in but needs additional work before being graded

                                            5 - work has been turned in but it has not been graded 

                                 Appropriate grade will be given when work has been completed or I have graded the paper. If a student, for example, does not do his/her essay correct and they receive a grade of 4, it is the student's responsibility to successfully complete the essay and turn it in; if they do not successfully complete, the 4 will be the grade they receive for the assignment.

Email: and I will get back to you the same day or the next.








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