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Kevin Burke
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Lesson Plans 

Lesson Plans – Weeks of 5.21.2012


Name: _Kevin Burke______________________________________________

Class: __LD Resource_____________________________________________­



Students will be knowledgable of their HSAP testing site and when to report.  Students will be prepared and if needed, bring pencils and calculator.  Students not testing will report to the gym.

Students will complete chapter 1-3 The Story of Blima.  Students will complete reading questions 1-15. 

Students will participate in reading groups and discuss chapter 1-3 when directed to do so.  Students will create unique reader questions for their peers to answer.  Students will also participate in a teacher directed discussion of theme and setting.

Students will


Students will also complete math exercises introducing intermediate exponent exercises including multiplying common bases with exponents, raising exponents to exponential levels. 

Students will complete a writing exercise (introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion) about character/plot. 

Students will identify literary devices used in poetry and nonfiction selections. 

Students will be complete a weekly quiz on decimals. 

Students will complete individual assignments from regular education teachers.

Individualized objectives will be covered according to the students’ IEP’s. IEP’s can be furnished upon request.



____ Daily Oral Language

__X__ Agenda Checks

__X__ Re-teach and/or Reinforce academic and subject area standards/objectives

__X__ Teach IEP skills

__X__ Other: Independent tutorials based upon academic and subject area standards/objectives.



__X__ Work on DOL                                                 __X__ Tests/Quizzes for other academics

__X__ Daily Work HSAP Math/English                   __X__ Classwork/Homework (other academics)

__X__ Agenda Checks                                               _____  Other: ___________________________



__X__ Weekly DOL                                                  _____  Other: ___________________________

­­­__X__ Oral Responses

__X__ Teacher Observations

__X__ Weekly Communication Sheet

__X__ IEP Progress Reports completed each 4.5 weeks



­­­­__X__ DOL’s                                                             __X__ Weekly Communication Sheets

__X__ IEP’s                                                               __X__ Other: __Agenda, Overhead, HSAP ELA & Math Book, DOL Book__

__X__ Computer Programs

__X__ Teachers’ Lesson Plans



__X__ Lecture Review: Question/Answer

­­­__X__ Discussion

__X__ Tutorial

__X__ Computer Activity

__X__ Small Group Instruction

_____  Other: ____________________________________________________________




Computer Applications



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