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School Make-Up Days Announced

School Make-Up Days Announced

Florence One schools were closed for eight days due to Hurricane Matthew. Florence School District One has announced the reminder that make up days missed due to Hurricane Matthew are Monday, February 20th; Friday, March 31st; and Monday, April 17th. These three make-up days were built into the school year calendar as required by law.

Also, according to the Code of Laws set by the General Assembly, if more than three days are missed due to extreme weather, the local board of trustees has the authority to mandate at least 3 additional make-up days or waive them. The Florence One Board of Trustees approved waiving three additional 3 days. Therefore, we have two days for all schools except Briggs Elementary, which missed an additional day when the school had no power, to address. The Board of Trustees has the option of making up these days, or asking the State Board of Education to waive these days.

School officials say that because of the uncertainty of the weather conditions during the upcoming winter months, no waivers will be requested from the State Board of Education until later in the school year.

For more information, see the SC Code of Laws 59-1-425 (HB) 3890.

Days Missed Action to Be Taken Responsible Party

1-3 Feb. 20; Mar.31, Apr.17, make up days Florence One

4-6 Have Been Waived Local Board

7-9 District May Request a Waiver State Board