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Florence School District One Virtual School



Initial Credit in Core and Elective Courses

FSD1VS students may complete comprehensive online courses provided through APEX LEARNING which are fully accredited and NCAA approved. The rigorous instruction engages students and readies them for college and career. Students complete coursework in a flexible, self-directed manner, and are supported by highly qualified teachers. 

Students may work from home, or they may take advantage of using the computers provided at their home school during the designated block of time.  Each student must have a school-appropriate working e-mail address, preferably that utilizes all or part of one's first and last name. Students must register online, print required forms, obtain parental signatures, return forms to guidance counselors, and receive guidance approval to be enrolled in the class.

Teachers communicate with students primarily through email, and are also available via phone. FSD1VS teachers are employed as full-time teachers in FSD1; they check their email requests throughout the day and they are online in the evenings to assist students with their course needs. Students may confer with their teachers to determine the time availability.

Students who opt to use computers at their home school must adhere to the Florence School District One Acceptable Use Policy-- see policy

FSD1VS students must agree to the following:

Success Agreement - see Success Agreement. Parents and students must sign this agreement as acknowledgement of their responsibilities. Signed Success Agreements should be returned to the student's home school guidance counselor as a part of the approval process.

The Success Agreement involves both the students and the parents. Parents are encouraged to provide a working e-mail address in order to receive weekly progress reports and contact from the FSD1VS staff. Additionally, students and parents must be aware that the following are required in order to take a class in FSD1VS:

  • Computer with high-speed internet connection and access to Microsoft Word.
  • Working e-mail account which includes all or part of the student's first and/or last name and daily access to reading e-mails.
  • Commitment to log in and work in the class for a minimum of five (5) hours per week.
  • Communication with FSD1VS teacher via e-mail, phone, or face-to-face.
  • Academic Integrity in which all work submitted in the class is that of the student.
  • Ability to schedule a testing time at the student's home school for proctored tests.


Attendance and Student Work

Students must report to their home school for the following:

·         Assessment proctoring ( UNIT tests, MIDTERM, and FINAL)

·         State, district, grade level, and course exams (EOC required for English I, Algebra I, Algebra I B, US History)

Student time spent working in each course will be the basis for attendance accounting. In addition, students are expected to log at least one hour per day/5 hours per week in order to complete the class by its deadline.

Students who do not sign in and access their course for over seven consecutive days without prior approval will be automatically withdrawn from the course and will receive a grade of withdraw failing (WF).  Failure to access class and/or to complete assignments may also result in removal from the FSD1VS program.

Student Work and Assessments

Teachers will set due dates in order to guide students toward on-time course completion. Students may work ahead of scheduled due dates to accelerate course completion at the teacher’s discretion.


Students wishing to have a course transcribed by the end of a quarter or semester must complete their course by the end as acknowledgement of their responsibilities.


Welcome Letter

Welcome to FSD1VS! We hope that you will have a positive and successful experience in the virtual world! This will be a very new experience for many of you as you are accustomed to being in a traditional classroom setting, meeting face-to-face with your teacher; however, many of you are technology savvy and will do just fine!

See entire Welcome Letter


Registration is open for third quarter and semester classes.



Social Studies


*English I

* Algebra I B

American Government

Academic Enrichment I

(.5 unit)

Academic Enrichment II

(.5 unit)

 English II

 * Algebra I


Creative Writing (.5 unit)

English III

 Algebra II

 * U.S. History

Multicultural Studies

(.5 unit)

English IV


 World Geography

Art Appreciation (1 Unit)


 Probability and Statistics

 World History

Music Appreciation (1 Unit)




(.5 unit)

Personal Finance (1 Unit)




(.5 unit)

Financial Literacy

(.5 unit)




Media Literacy (1 Unit)




ELA Essentials

(.5 unit)




Math Essentials

(.5 unit)



Registration Process:

To access the FSD1 Virtual School registration, students must log in with their FSD1 Email Address (username@students.fsd1.org) and network password.

Apply for FSD1 Virtual School Registration  HERE.

For more information please contact your guidance counselor at your home school or
Sherri Helton


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